Milbook Marketing Company, is proud to support Polar beats, as a client. Milbook Marketing Company, specializes in customized, marketing services for Businesses, online , brick and mortar businesses alike. Polar The Mystro  is a versatile beat stylist and producer that aspires to bring back musical integrity into the industry.Polar The Mystro grew up in Waynesboro , GA and the Augusta, GA area, and has had many influences on his style of music. Growing up in the south, he was always around music. Polar The Mystrostarted producing beats in his teen years and later perfected his beat production technique culminating in the establishment of .  The hot new beat master and producer first began getting noticed through referrals from satisfied clients. Polar The Mystro Known for his catchy hooks, melodies, and great production,Polar The Mystro is definitely a dynamic, diverse beat producer that transcends multiple genres of music. Polar The Mystro is creating a movement and looks forward to making an impact on the hearts of fans. Need a customized marketing solution for your company, go to our website, , for SEO, services please go to our other website, here, >>> Website Marketing Services 

The Producers Network

Milbook Marketing Company is proud to team up with The Producers Network

The Producers Network is an Insurance Marketing Organization in the U.S.A. They offer more than 100 years of experience in the life insurance industry. Our in-house expertise, knowledge, vision and ability to provide our agents with an extremely competitive product portfolio, truly makes TPN a unique opportunity.

Our extensive portfolio of life and annuity products include,  Term, GUL, IUL, Final Expense including Guaranteed Issue, Disability,  MYGA’s, EIA, SPIA, and more. With that in mind, we believe that the future of any company depends on its people; therefore, we’ve structured our philosophy around the betterment of our agents.

Our most important focus areas include getting agents paid quickly, keeping costs minimal and giving agents the training and support needed to achieve substantial success. While we believe that Education and Motivation are vital to your success, we do not believe that it’s necessary to create a revenue stream from these avenues. This is why TPN is your partner in production, providing the best contracts available, along with excellent commissions rates and superior support. For more information about the producers Network, please visit their website , Producers Network

Getting Started Tracking Your Website Data

When you’re running a small business, it is very easy to simply forego tracking any data associated with your website. This is always a mistake. Having data not only about your own site but competitive intelligence about your competitors is vital if you wish to spot opportunities to profit.

The first and sometimes only reason this doesn’t happen is that it’s a technical area, and most of us aren’t up to speed on what it takes to make it happen. Is it a software you have to buy, or who’s going to make it work the way it should? Let’s look at the answers you need to these questions, and get you started collecting your data today.

Top tools for collecting data and analyzing it

There are lots of tools available out there for tracking and collecting website data, but for those just starting out the best option is unquestionably Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a free tool provided for you that gives you a peek into how visitors are using your pages. Not only that, it cuts down on customer acquisition costs by allowing you to target your marketing, organic search and advertising campaigns far more effectively. This tool has more in it than you’ll probably ever use!

What sort of data do you need to track?

There is a wealth of items you might want to track, but at the start here are 5 important ones that everyone should look at.

  • Where’s your traffic coming from? – One of the most important stats to see is where your traffic is coming from? You’ll be surprised at the source of some of it, and this data helps marketing your business.
  • What pages are converting? – This data is invaluable, as it directly affects your bottom line. See what’s working and what isn’t easily.
  • Keyword data – See which keywords people are typing in to find your pages, and this can lead to better optimization and results.
  • Which pages are performing best? – Off the top of your head do you know which of your pages are doing the best? The answers may surprise you, and help you make a profitable shift in your marketing.
  • How long do people stay on a page – This data is important for helping you rank your pages in Google’s search results.

The ability to track and understand your website data is key to making good and profitable decisions in your small business. Get stated tracking today!